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8 16 17 1886 1890 1892 1895 1896 1898 1900 1901 1904 1906 1908 1913 1914 1915 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1923 1924 1925 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1955 1956 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 195657 .steven and gpa saylor 872 11 years old 11th from left 13 days old 16th birthday party 1894. ralph was born here on december 3 1895 and edgar born here december 28 1897. note the wood windmill atop the water tower in the rear. 1897. note the wood windmill atop water tower in rear. 19 months 1903 when he was five years old and five months print made from minna's camera that used glass negatives 1903 when he was five years old and months print made from minna's camera that used glass negatives 1904. issac saylor was 68 years old at his death 1911 back row edgar 1916 h.s. graduation 1916 snow at freewater 1922 echo edgar and mabel's first home 1930's 1932 gma brown and bud 1933 in yard at our 1st home on butter creek 1938 at becker farm 1945 adams 1953 our spring graduates 1958 ford truck ranch 1959 eldon 1960 christmas 1960 passport gma and gpa saylor 1960 passport photo 1961 the home place jb and minna saylor 1967 donna 1969 at eugene 1973 buick 1975 10 days old 1975 at harper's 1975 at nelma's apartment 1975 steven 1977 at donna's 1977 bill 1978 gpa saylor 1979 at eugene 1981 jack 1981 lisa 1981 lisa graduation cake 1981 mom 1981 steven 1982 at lowell's 1984 at steven's in tacoma 1984 christmas 1984 dad 1984 dodgers 1985 con't and hermiston herald 1st grade 1st school on butter creek 2 34 2 and 3 years old at milton freewater 2 months 2 years old 20 months 22 months 25th anniversary 2nd grade 3 months old 3 rivers 3rd grade 4 12 months 4 generations 4h summer school 4th grade 4th grade class 4th of july 4th of july 1984 50th anniversary 50th wedding anniversary 6 in rifle my position second from left. gun in battery fort columbia 1919 gpa saylor 6 months 60th aniversary 6th grade 7th grade teacher at tierra linda school 89th bday 8th grade a group of c.e. young people at planning conf a waterfall near the fort 1918 gpa saylor about 1919 ada wells 1914 adams agate beach agate beach august 1984 steven16 age 11 age 16 age 3 months age 4 age 6 ages four or five aileen airport in pasco algiers locals algiersabdul brown and friend alice alice lieuallen alice rice alice's house aligning house place on the south althea lane amara amara at jessica's 3rd bday amtrak and he and minna married there on may 16 and he minna married there on may 16 and his father issac died. fire occurred january 4 and johnson and me is martha swope and ward rice 1908 andrew 1971 andrew on floor andy andy 10 days andy christmas andy may 31 anita ann and ted cherry ann cherry ann middle row dessie anna anna and me diana dallas christian anna and murray rice 1929 anna and ward anna christian rice anna rice anna rice and hilda anna rice and hilda rice anna rice far right with stanfield study club may 1962 anna rice sewing at milton freewater antioch april april 1 april 14 april 16 april 1966 april 1987 april 1996 april 7 april 8 ardis arizona 1966 arnold arnolds around the world in 80 days arthur arnold astoria at dena leiland's in adams doris coppock at donna and ralph's wedding at donna's at gma and gpa saylor at gma and gpa saylor's 60th aniversary at gma and gpa saylor's 60th anniversary at hugh hamilton's in scotsdale az at lieuallen mt cabin 1917 at lieuallen's at loren's place in carmel at lowell's at mc nary at milton freewater at steve's in tacoma at steven's in tacoma at stillings at waterfall near fort columbia at whitman house in ferndale audry august august 1 august 15 august 16 august 17 august 1955 gma and gpa rice and bill saylor august 1955 gma rice at milton home in dining room august 1961 august 1964 august 1965 august 1966 august 1967 august 1968 august 1968 at ranch august 1969 august 1970 august 1971 august 1977 august 1977 steven august 1980 august 2 august 20 august 23 august 3 august 31 august 6 aunt alice aunt alice 1953 aunt alice l aunt bette aunt betty benson aunt betty benson sisters maiden name was dallas aunt dessie aunt dessie and friend aunt dessie christian aunt dessie dallas aunt effa aunt fanny aunt fanny gerking aunt fanny on ground ralph aunt fay aunt fay and uncle ted becker aunt fay gerking becker holding edgar saylor in window aunt fay in shadow aunt florence aunt grandfather gerking's sister aunt ida rice aunt june aunt lettie aunt martha aunt martha s aunt martha swope at milton aunt martha swope back row uncle lawrence l aunt martha swopes and eldon aunt martha's birthday aunt mollie aunt nelma aunt nelma and gpa saylor christmas 1979 aunt nelma and lowell christmas 1979 aunt nelma april 1987 aunt nelma christmas 1967 aunt nelma christmas 1980 aunt nonna christmas at ranch 1965 aunt susie gerking was minna's aunt and the widow of jnb gerking's brother. her maiden name was scott aunt velma austria az baby bill saylor 1946 baby billy saylor baby donna 1926 back row doris back says the ss el nei my parter is at helm i'm tending jib backyard in salt lake city bangkok bank of america dinner with browns and strehlows barbara barbara b barbara barker barbara jones barbara r barbara rice barbara saylor barbara sinclair bardo bardo jacobi bardo jacobi 1974 barker family 1975 dale barkers bart bart and lisa 1979 bart feb 1979 bart jacobi bart jacobi 1981 basic training bavarian alps bc bday beau becky kinneman beijing ben gerking bend bertha and mabel moon betsy bette bette and dad bette and dad graduation bette and gma brown 1993 bette and gpa brown christmas bette and laura easter 1978 bette aug 1986 bette bday bette christmas bette easter 1978 bette easter 1983 bette from high school bette graduation bette gratuation bette november 1954 bette typing dissertation 1977 bette yosemite bette's bday bette's house big wheel crash bill bill and mildred bill and steve bill and steven saylor bill c bill coppack bill coppack back row uncle lawrence l bill saylor bill saylor 1 year bill saylor 1945 bill steve bill's wife bills shop billy and dessie billy and dessie at home 1946 the rug on the wall is the one mother made birnbaums birth of either edgar or ralph saylor birthday note from velma to nelma birthday postcard from ralph saylor to jnb gerking black bantam rooster and hens in front of box elder tree in yard of home place about 1928 blanche bob bob 1981 bob and helen sinclair bob and terri gallup bob and terry gallub nye 1995 bob gallup bob gallup delta july 1978 bob sinclair boys breakfast after sally's wedding lowell breakfast after sally's wedding treva breck breck and laura brett mykrantz brother and relatives uncle bud bruce buchanan airfield bud burnita w. 1970 ca cabbie and bear 1984 california calling aunt bette cam and linda's wedding 1986 cameron cameron jacobi camping at tuolumne meadows card from donna card table tent carl carl christian carlene and douglas carlene and douglascarlene douglas mother is leone carline han carol carolyn carolyn s carral carrol fairbanks and wife cathy cathy and sharon cattle feeding saylor's wafers feb 1963 cayman island cayman island 1994 cecil cecil and ray cecil front row billy celebrating joe's 10th birthday celebration of 50 years of ministry for ward charles charles gerking charlie saylor 1902 chelsea chelsea 1982 chelsea 3 mos chelsea smith cheryl cheryl defrees chiang mai children on step lillian china chris chrismas christian church in hermiston christmas christmas 1955 christmas 1960 christmas 1963 christmas 1964 christmas 1965 christmas 1966 christmas 1968 christmas 1969 christmas 1970 gpa saylor and nelma christmas 1971 christmas 1973 christmas 1974 christmas 1974 david christmas 1974 steven christmas 1976 christmas 1977 christmas 1978 christmas 1980 christmas 1981 christmas 1982 christmas 1984 christmas 1984 dad christmas 1984 gma and gpa saylor christmas 1984 lisa christmas 1984 mom christmas 1985 christmas 1986 christmas 1988 christmas 1989 christmas 1994 christmas 1995 christmas 1996 christmas 1998 christmas 1999 christmas at cottage 1979 christmas at cottage 1980 christmas at gma rice's 1963 christmas at ranch christmas at ranch 1965 christmas at ranch 1967 christmas at ranch 1968 christmas dinner at lowell's christmas dinner at ranch 1965 christmas eve christmas week church at m.f. floyd ross and group of y.p.1917 or 1918 church banquet church group church hiking group church picnic upriver at milton church sweetheart banquet cindy cindy 1999 class of 1951 high school reunion cleaning kitchen at lowell's cline falls on the deschuttes river near grandfather gerking's tumalo farm print made from minna's camera that used glass negatives clipping from the east oregonian regarding tragic fire in which jb saylor's sister collier state park combine combine ranch august 1978 construction of railroad bridge across crooked river print made from minna's camera that used glass negatives cottage cousins at leone's in pendelton cousins july 1979 cousins september 1973 craig craig strehlow 1978 dad dad 1953 dad 1953 graduation from stanford dad 1961 dad 1962 dad 1964 dad 1967 dad 1977 dad 1981 dad 1990 dad 1991 dad 1994 dad 1998 dad 2002 dad algiers at casbah dad and bart dad and bette dad and bette christmas dad and bette easter 1979 dad and bette graduation dad and bette july 1962 dad and bob gallup dad and bruce dad and cousins dad and craig dad and david 1975 dad and david on gallup's boat dad and friends dad and gma brown christmas dad and gpa brown christmas dad and gpa brown yosemite dad and jack summer 1962 dad and kaylie dad and laura dad and laura 1990 dad and laura 1991 dad and laura fall 1977 dad and lisa dad and lisa 1967 dad and lisa december 1963 dad and mom dad and mom at steve's wedding dad and mom feb 1979 dad and ray dad and steven dad and steven 1968 dad and steven august 1969 dad and steven christmas 1977 dad april 1983 dad april 1987 dad at cameron jacobi's wedding november 29 dad at church banquet dad at david's graduation 1991 dad at steven's graduation 1991 dad august 1932 22lbs dad august 28 dad campfire at john day august 1984 dad canal in venice dad christmas dad christmas 1988 dad christmas morning 1988 dad church banquet dad church banquet 1975 dad class photo dad coach with ally kolb at sports award dinner june 1987 dad december 1963 dad december 1969 dad doge's palace dad donkey basketball game san ramon high 1964 dad easter 1978 dad eiffel tower dad first hop dad from kodachrome dad genious at work dad grad dad graduation dad greece dad haiti 1962 dad hawaii 1959 dad in backyard dad in gulf of mexico dad in haiti dad in yosemite 1992 dad july 1962 dad july 1968 dad july 1978 dad lake champlain and d.e. fueling from tanker dad lake reflection from kodachrome. the negative was spoiled in the developing two lines along the sides dad march 1966 dad may 1993 dad naval academy dad november 1959 dad on carrier monterey dad on cruise 2002 dad on gallup's boat dad on his 35th bday dad on horse sept 1961 dad paris dad ranch august 1975 dad ranch august 1984 dad rome panorama dad sailor in rome dad sailor in vatican city dad scuba dad scuba 1959 dad scuba 1960 dad scuba october 1959 dad scuba september 1959 dad sept 1983 dad sewing dad skiing dad summer 1962 dad swabbies at vatican dad thanksgiving 1994 dad then i gave him a blast from my 37's dad track coach at mvhs dad treve in rome dad yosemite dad yosemite 1952 dad yosemite 1960 dad's 65th dad's bday dad's bday 1965 dad's bday august 1974 dad's roomate tom daddy ralph with donna daddy rice daddy rice's sisters dale dallas dallas and joanne rice dallas and kathryn dallas and kathryn rice dallas and ward rice dallas r dallas rice dallas rice with the apple quilt he won dan dan and dad dan and lisa dan and nancy galvin dan at laura's graduation 1999 dan mother's day angel island dance team danville 1975 daughter of mother's doctor at nelma's birth and family friend dave dave 1999 dave at incline village lake tahoe thanksgiving 1994 dave c dave coughenower david david 10 days old 1973 david 197 david 1974 david 1975 david 1977 david 1978 david 1979 david 1980 david 1982 david 1984 david 1985 david 1986 david 1987 david 1988 david 1994 david 1999 david 2002 david 4 david and dad 1975 david and ginger david and kyle edwards at alexander lindsay museum september 1978 david and laura david and laura 1976 david and laura 1977 david and laura 1978 david and laura at beachside state park david and laura august 1978 oregon coast david and laura christmas david and laura christmas 1976 david and laura christmas 1977 david and laura christmas 1980 david and laura christmas 1981 david and laura dec 1977 david and laura easter 1978 david and laura easter 1985 david and laura fall 1977 david and laura fall 1981 david and laura last day of school june 1984 david and laura october 1987 david and laura on laura's 18th 1994 david and laura tahoe winter 197879 david and laura thanksgiving 1981 lake tahoe david and laura with fish from the john day august 1986 david and laura with santa christmas 1976 david and laura working on gingerbread house christmas 1980 david and lisa david and mark graduation 1991 david and steven 1990 david and steven christmas david april 1983 david april 1986 david as union soldier going off to stay at the presidio david at 2 weeks david at 6 weeks 1973 david at agate beach david at bat david at donna's david at john day david at pixie playland 1979 david at williamson river in collier state park david aug 1977 david august 1973 david august 1975 david august 1980 david bday david bday 1983 david birthday 1978 david christmas david christmas 1973 david christmas 1974 david christmas 1975 david christmas 1977 david christmas 1979 david christmas 1980 david christmas at ranch 1973 david christopher august 1974 david delta july 1978 david devil mountain run david easter 1975 david easter 1976 david easter 1978 david easter 1979 david end of baseball season 1984 david falks cabin february 1983 david fall 1977 david family camp 1984 david feb 1975 david fishing at john day river august 1984 david ginger april 1975 david graduation 1991 david grandpa saylor david halloween 1975 david halloween 1983 david in alamo june 1982 david july 1975 david july 1978 david june 1975 on father's day at bette's in hayward david june 1983 david laura christmas david lisa christmas 1977 david making the grade church musical march 1986 david march 1979 david may 1983 david nursery school david october 1981 david on david's bday 1979 david on john day river 1984 david on lisa's bday 1975 david on merrygoround september 1978 david on mom's bday march 1984 david paper route 1985 david ranch august 1975 david ranch august 1984 david sept 1983 david september 1973 david soccer david soccer 1988 david spring 1983 david storm trooper david summer 1988 david tahoe winter 197879 david thanksgiving 1982 david track 1988 david wedding david winter at ranch 197889 david with gpa saylor's hat david with grandma david's 11th bday feburay 1984 david's 16th bday 1989 david's 2nd grade class david's 9th bday 1982 david's bday 1978 david's bday 1979 david's bday 1982 david's bday 1985 david's bday 1988 david's bday 1989 david's birthday 1975 david's graduation david's graduation 1991 david's graduation 1997 david's graduation 1999 david11 daycare 1983 daycare kids daycare kids 1985 daycare kids 1995 daycare kids fall 1995 daycare kids march 1987 daycare kids spring 1989 daycare kids spring 1996 dean dean defrees dean gerking debbie december december 1 december 11 december 13 december 1962 december 1963 december 1969 december 1996 december 2007 december 27 december 30 december 9 dee defrees delia bliss dena dena and albert just married dena and harry 1st birthday dena at adams dena at lieualen mt cabin about 1917 or 18 dena lailand dena lieuallen derek savatgy and kristin sherk mom's daycare 1980 2hr dessie dessie and billy dessie and billy and cecil's family dessie and mildred dessie and the carters dessie christian deshay dessie in post office dessie rice devil mountain run dewitt dewitt wallace diana and perry clayburn christian diana dallas christian diggers dance diggers dance hobo ween 1994 dior director doll bed at ranch donald donna donna 1958 donna and eldon donna and leavens girl donna and lisa donna and lisa christmas at ranch 1965 donna and mom donna and ralph's wedding donna and ray donna at beach donna at beach near taft donna at coast donna at gma and gpa saylor's 60th aniversary donna at milton donna at mom's bridal shower 1961 donna at old home place donna at oregon coast donna at rex leavens donna halloween 1969 donna harper back row lr steve saylor donna kay donna on mom's 31st donna on new year's eve 1964 donna with flounders at oregon beach doris doris and dena doris and dena lieuallen doris c. doris coppock dorris dorris coppock and leone c at ward and rea rice's 50th anniversary 21377 dr. nyberg duchess mt. rose april 1996 early combine with grain sewn in sacks early hay crop east oregonian easter easter 1975 easter 1976 easter 1976 mom easter 1979 easter 1981 easter 1983 easter 1985 easter 1999 easter bunny lisa surprise visit 1985 easter morning 1983 lisa easter morning 1984 easter vigil service echo echo bank edgar edgar 1923 edgar and bulldog pug 1915 edgar and bulldog pug 1915 or 16 edgar in echo at home place 1901 edgar in front of mirror before curls were cut haircut was on afternoon june 9 edgar in front of mirror before curls were cut haircut was on afternoon of june 9 edgar saylor edgar saylor 1904 edgar saylor about 15 months edgar saylor and friend in front of barn at grandfather's house in athena edna taylor effie effie gerking eldon eldon 1964 eldon and june at gma and gpa saylor eldon and louise eldon and lowell eldon and lowell 1942 eldon at ranch eldon at small house where ralph and hilda lived 192728 eldon christian eldon feb 1977 eldon on horse eldon saylor eldon saylor 1925 eldon saylor at milton eldon with horse eldon's birthday 102062 empress hotel erek eric eric bratlien eric henry erik bratlien fall dance 1983 erin erin paris eugene eugene taylor evalyn evangeline doble expo fairmont hotel fairyland falk's cabin falk's cabin thanksgiving 1984 fall fall 1975 family at alice's in 1947 family at lewis and clark world fair in portland 1906. on right minna saylor family at lewis and clark world fair in portland in 1906. on right minna saylor family reunion about 1912. lr ralph family vacation 1984 father don kreymer father gpa christian dessie and mother gpa christian father's day father's day 1964 father's day 1972 fay and ted fay becker feb 1975 feb 2005 february february 13 february 14 february 1964 february 1967 february 1970 february 1970 gma and gpa brown february 1970 same pheasant that louise hit en route to church february 5 ferndale water wheel that pumped water for house field trip to pumpkin patch fiji first backpacking trip first day of school 1984 david 11 first model t ford. picture taken by ralph in the north yard of ferndale place about 1914 first model t ford. picture taken by ralph in the north yard of the ferndale place about 1914 fishing in wallowa country florence and brother flowers and silver poplar tree in yard of home place fort columbia fort columbia 1918 fort columbia from the dock four cougars from the ship frances madison francis madison fred freewater bank freshman at whitman house at ferndale freshman year friends friends 191619 from s.e. entrance from the 4th co. barracks porch. ft. stevens is on the point directly past the dock. riding near the dock is fish traps fort columbia front george and hannah pottorffback mollie front porch front row aunt alice l front row larry cappack frontier village december 1966 frontier village december 1966 you should have seen her face when she first saw it. she held the pole the whole time. some ladies said her face was worth the admission price. frozen fog gallups garden at harper's gary gary and vicky smith gayle gayle and joe gayle and loren r at rice's 50th anniversary 21377 gayle christmas 1967 gayle on horse gayle s gene gene brown gene from stanford genevieve sevy 1914 george george and irlene wallace george b. wallace george gerking george reed george taylor george wallace gerking ranch germany ginger girl scout camp girls matron at yakima christian indian mission gma and gpa bown gma and gpa brown gma and gpa brown 1962 gma and gpa brown 1989 gma and gpa brown 1993 gma and gpa brown christmas gma and gpa brown fiji gma and gpa brown house in burlingame gma and gpa brown sept 1989 gma and gpa rice gma and gpa saylor gma and gpa saylor 1958 gma and gpa saylor 1959 gma and gpa saylor 1964 gma and gpa saylor 1966 gma and gpa saylor 1975 gma and gpa saylor 458 gma and gpa saylor 50th anniversary gma and gpa saylor anniversary dinner at pendleton airport october 20 gma and gpa saylor at donna's 1962 gma and gpa saylor at harpers 1962 gma and gpa saylor at oregon coast july 1974 gma and gpa saylor aug 1978 gma and gpa saylor august 1978 gma and gpa saylor christmas 1960 gma and gpa saylor christmas 1966 gma and gpa saylor christmas 1978 gma and gpa saylor christmas 1980 gma and gpa saylor march 1966 danville gma and gpa saylor october 1981 gma and gpa saylor sept 1978 alaska cruise gma and gpa saylor sept 1983 gma and gpa saylor wedding gma and gpa saylor's anniversary gma and gpa's 60th anniversary gma brown gma brown 1989 gma brown 1989 christmas gma brown 1993 gma brown and bette gma brown and bette fishing gma brown and bette yosemite gma brown and lisa 1964 gma brown aug 1986 gma brown august 1975 gma brown birthday gma brown christmas gma brown easter 1983 gma brown edna taylor about 3 years old gma brown giving lisa water from spoon gma christian gma gerking gma gerking lucy pottorff about 18 gma gpa brown gma gpa brown's house 1954 gma gpa saylor gma rice gma rice 1963 gma rice at study club feb 1960 gma rice lisa gma rice's 90th gma rice's 90th august 1965 gma rice's 90th birthday gma rice's 90th birthday august 18 gma rice's 90th birthday august 1965 gma saylor gma saylor 1918 gma saylor 1960 gma saylor 1961 gma saylor 1963 gma saylor 1968 gma saylor 1969 gma saylor 1974 gma saylor 1987 gma saylor 1988 gma saylor a late christmas here for l g december 1962 gma saylor and andrew may 1966 gma saylor and david gma saylor and david at 2 weeks 1973 gma saylor and laura 1977 gma saylor and laura christmas 1976 gma saylor and lisa gma saylor and mom gma saylor and mom christmas 1979 gma saylor and nelma gma saylor and steven 1968 gma saylor at bette's gma saylor august 1963 gma saylor august 1975 gma saylor bday gma saylor christmas 1955 gma saylor christmas 1962 gma saylor christmas 1964 gma saylor christmas 1969 gma saylor february 1969 gma saylor in syrian gown august 1973 gma saylor march 1969 gma saylor october 1966 gma saylor with fancy shell toilet seat christmas 1972 gma saylor with pastor and wife gma smith at treva's wedding gma taylor gpa and gma brown gpa and gma brown 1967 gpa and gma saylor gpa brown gpa brown 1977 gpa brown 1986 gpa brown 1993 gpa brown and bette gpa brown and dad gpa brown and dad yosemite gpa brown and laura gpa brown and laura 1978 gpa brown and laura april 1976 gpa brown and lisa 1980 gpa brown and lisa 1989 gpa brown and steven gpa brown bday gpa brown christmas gpa brown christmas 1989 gpa brown easter 1978 gpa brown easter 1979 gpa brown retirement gpa brown sept 1989 gpa brown yosemite gpa brown yosemite 859 gpa brown's bday gpa gma saylor gpa rice gpa saylor gpa saylor 1959 gpa saylor 1963 gpa saylor 1965 gpa saylor 1974 gpa saylor 1979 gpa saylor and david at 2 weeks gpa saylor and laura at lowell's gpa saylor and laura october 1981 gpa saylor and mom christmas 1960 gpa saylor august 1973 gpa saylor bday gpa saylor birthday gpa saylor christmas gpa saylor christmas 1964 gpa saylor christmas 1967 gpa saylor christmas 1979 gpa saylor christmas 1980 gpa saylor feb 1982 annual s.w.c.d gpa saylor holding cat out to ginger gpa saylor in andy's car gpa saylor january 25 gpa saylor march 1969 gpa saylor may 1965 gpa saylor summer 1970 gpa saylor these two one yearling and one two year old cost me 525 but they are good ones gpa saylor's sister gpa saylor88 grads lisa and dad graduation graduation 1999 graduation with master of science degree grady grandfather gerking grandma grandma and grandpa gerking grandma and grandpa rice grandma christian by home in milton grandma christmas 1977 grandma grandpa saylor grandma rice grandma rice's 89th bday grandma saylor grandma saylor david september 1973 grandma taylor grandmother gerking grandpa david grandpa m.h. rice and sisters grandpa rice grandpa saylor grandpa saylor laura christmas 1977 greg greg 1991 group of church on hayride 19161919 group of church y.p. at milton power plant 19151919 grover gerking guard house near flag pole and dock guilin haiti haiti 1962 halloween halloween 1982 hanzhou harold g harpers and louise at church in california harry 16 months harry 18 months harry 6 weeks old harry age 1 year harry age 2 months harry age 3 months harry age 8 months harry and dena hatpoint oregon hawaii heide freeman heidelberg helen helen sinclair her family herald herding turkeys pastured at home place. jb saylor with his fine dog hermiston hermiston herald high school graduation high school reunion hilda hilda 1915 hilda and brownie 1956 hilda and ralph saylor hilda and sunday school class at m hilda at adams hilda at eugene hilda at grandpa christian's house in milton freewater 1914 hilda at power plant above milton 1916 hilda at ward and rea rice's 50th anniversary 21377 hilda at ward's 50th in ministry reception in milton freewater hilda high school milton 1916 hilda loading car in milton 1921 hilda margaret rice hilda on ferry across columbia river hilda rice hilda rice 1916 hilda rice at stanfield train depot 1918 hilda rice before marriage hilda rice grade school milton freewater hilda rice milton freewater 1915 hilda rice milton freewater may 1916 hilda rice saylor hilda rice saylor at eugene hilda rice saylor at stanfield train depot 1918 hilda s hilda saylor hilda saylor and ralph gerking saylor hilda saylor day march 6 history of the stansfield ranch holidays holly home home december 1972 home place homewood hong kong hot rock park house at freewater house at milton house in burlingame idaho in pendleton incline village innsbruck iphoto converted iphoto edited iphoto externally edited iphoto original is dinner ready billy and dessie at home 1946 isaac and lila saylor j.b. saylor's mother father isabel issac and lila angeline schreffler saylor its heavy jack jack 1964 jack and laurie july 1962 jack and laurie new year's eve 1964 jack and lisa 1964 jack and lisa march 1964 jacobis jacobis 1974 jacobis 1977 jacobis 1991 jacobis 1999 jacobis and david at graduation 1991 jake james dean steven may 1985 janis january january 10 january 14 january 19 january 25 january 27 japan 1959 japanese postcard from around the 1920's jay jay 1981 jb jb saylor jb saylor and edgar on colt in the yard of jnb gerking's home in athena print made from minna's camera that used glass negatives jb saylor and family going for a drive print made from minna's camera that used glass negatives jb saylor and nelma at pearson cabin jb saylor on porch nelma jb saylor's parents jb with bess and grace hitched to buggy. taken at athena grandfather gerking's house jean jean brown jeff the cat jeffrey car 1915 edgar jennifer jennifer jacobi jeremy jeremy 3 summer 2003 jeremy and jessica december 2001 jeremy birth announcement jeremy dawson 1 year 2001 jeremy july 2002 jerry bratlien jesse jesse arnold jessica jessica 1998 jessica 1999 jessica 5 jessica 5 mos 1998 jessica and jeremy 2002 jessica and tc jessica at mikayla's 1st birthday jessica brown 11 mos jessica danielle 1 year old june 1999 jessica danielle 3 years 2001 jessica july 4 jessica mother's day angel island jessica new years 1999 jessica's 1st birthday jessica's 1st birthday june 1999 jessica's 3rd bday jessica's 3rd birthday jessica's baptism jessica's baptism 1998 jessica's bday 2002 jessie jessie's 1st birthday jim jim 2002 jim and kaylie october 2003 jim and lisa april 2004 jim taylor jnb and lucy gerking's home three miles west of athena where jb and minna were married and where minna went for the birth of ralph and edgar jnb gerking jnb gerking family l to r fay jnb gerking holding grover jnb gerking is first on left jnb gerking's home in gerking flat three miles northwest of athena jnb's brother and wife in rear joanna and laura halloween 1984 joanne joanne rice joanne rice with new dark green zipper suit jody joe joe 1987 joe 4th grade joe at 2 months joe at mc nary dam joe at ranch joe christmas 1967 joe christmas 1972 joe christmas 1977 joe with margaret's doll joe's 1st birthday joe's bday john john and sandi john day river john stillings jonathan and nancy gerking joseph belford saylor joseph lyle saylor august 31 1969 jr. prom 1985 julie julie and sally julie b julie barker july july 1969 july 1972 july 1984 july 29 july 4th july 4th at sinclairs june june 1 june 10 june 17 june 18 june 19 june 1974 june 1977 june 1982 june 1995 june 20 june 21 june 9 june at gma and gpa saylor's 60th aniversary june japan 1959 junior prom 1985 kahtryn kaitlyn karen karen borowski karen durand kate katherine 1963 kathryn kathryn r kathryn rice kathryn rice at milton freewater church for ward rice's 50 years in ministry reception she decorated cake december 30 kathryn rice at ward and rea rice's 50th anniversary 21377 kathryn rice march 10 kaylie kaylie and jim 2002 kaylie april 2004 kaylie's bday kelly kevin cook kibbie lake kibbie lake 1996 kids room 1975 kindergarten kitchen crew fort columbia 1918 gpa saylor koh samui kona kristen kristen bratlien kristen bratlien halloween kristin kristin bratlien kristin oct 1977 kyle and regan edwards september 1978 lindsay museum l.l. lieuallen la cucaracha lake titisee laura laura 14 mos laura 1976 laura 1977 laura 1978 laura 1979 laura 1980 laura 1981 laura 1982 laura 1983 laura 1985 laura 1986 laura 1989 laura 1990 laura 1991 laura 1993 laura 1999 laura 1st day of 3rd grade mrs. leahy laura 1st day of kindergarten laura 1st day of kindergarten 1981 laura 4th grade laura 4th of july 1983 laura 6th grade laura age 3 1978 laura age 4 1979 laura age 6 12 1981 laura age 6 1981 laura and brittany rae november 1981 laura and cabbie march 1984 laura and chick 1989 laura and dad tahoe winter 197879 laura and david laura and david 1979 laura and david 1985 laura and david 1986 laura and david at john 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196419 lisa 1966 lisa 1967 lisa 1967 bday lisa 1968 lisa 1969 lisa 1970 lisa 1971 lisa 1975 lisa 1977 lisa 1978 lisa 1979 lisa 1980 lisa 1981 lisa 1988 lisa 1989 lisa 1st birthday july 1964 lisa 4th of july 1975 lisa and barker's lisa and bette 1973 lisa and blaze at ranch lisa and dad lisa and dad 1964 lisa and dad 1967 lisa and dad 1975 lisa and dad 1979 lisa and defrees family lisa and eldon christmas 1965 lisa and friends fall 1969 lisa and frisky lisa and gma and gpa brown july 12 lisa and gma rica 1963 lisa and gma saylor lisa and gma saylor 1965 lisa and gma saylor 1969 lisa and gpa brown lisa and gpa brown christmas lisa and gpa brown march 1964 lisa and gpa saylor 1963 lisa and gpa saylor 1966 lisa and jack perry lisa and jeffrey ray craig october 1964 lisa and jennifer 1977 lisa and jennifer jacobi 1972 lisa and kevin cook lisa and kristen bratlien 1978 lisa and laura lisa and laura 1977 lisa and laura 1979 lisa and laura 1980 lisa and laura christmas 1979 lisa and laura christmas 1981 lisa and linda gerking june 1966 lisa and margaret joy lisa and mike lisa and mike 1995 lisa and mom 1967 lisa and papa christmas 1965 lisa and ray labor day 1965 lisa and robin larsen 1979 lisa and steve lisa and steve h christmas lisa and steven lisa and steven 1968 lisa and steven 1969 lisa and steven april 1969 lisa and steven at ranch lisa and steven christmas lisa and steven christmas 1968 lisa and steven christmas 1969 lisa and steven december 1969 lisa and steven june 1975 on father's day at bette's in hayward lisa and steven march 1969 lisa and steven march 1971 lisa and steven on father's day at bette's in hayward lisa and sunny 1975 lisa and vicky 1964 lisa april 1965 easter lisa as leader of peppermint twirlers lisa at ranch christmas 1965 lisa at reed's september 1967 lisa aug 1967 lisa august 11th 1963 lisa august 1963 lisa august 1965 kiss the birdie lisa august 1965 showing off lisa august 1968 lisa august 1970 lisa august 1975 lisa august 1975 john day 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july 20 1963 lisa july 20 1963 i'm not always howling lisa july 26 1963 lisa june lisa june 1968 lisa labor day 1965 aptos lisa leaving for ucla lisa making up laura lisa march 1964 lisa march 1966 lisa may 1965 lisa november 1963 lisa october 10 lisa october 12 1963 lisa october 1976 lisa on mom's bday lisa ranch august 1975 lisa september 1965 lisa september 1965 rockathebaby lisa spilled ink lisa steven christmas 1970 lisa summer 1970 lisa valentine's party 1966 lisa wedding dress lisa's 12th birthday lisa's 1st birthday lisa's 21st bday 1984 lisa's 3rd bday 1966 lisa's 8th grade graduation lisa's bday lisa's bday 1968 lisa's bday 1968 at brown's lisa's bday 1969 at ranch lisa's bday 1978 lisa's bday 1984 lisa's bedroom senior year of high school 1981 lisa's room 1981 lois lois and bill saylor october 3 lois and billy saylor 1945 lois saylor long lake loren loren 47 loren and treva 21377 ward and rea rice's 50th anniversary loren rice louise louise 11 louise and eldon louise and frisky 1949 louise and lowell saylor 1945 louise and osu friend jeannie meriweather hawaii 1955 louise and pup ranch louise at fox house louise august 23 louise holding steven louise in hilda's wedding dress june 1954 louise saylor 1945 louise saylor august 23 louise second row mother rice lowel july 1979 lowell lowell 1963 lowell 7 lowell and gayle sept 1961 lowell and gayle wedding lowell and gayle's home lowell and gayle's wedding lowell and margaret lowell and margaret wedding lowell and margaret's home on butter creek lowell and nelma lowell and puppy lowell august 1963 lowell christmas 1964 lowell s lowell saylor lowell summer 1988 lowell's twin calves summer 1958 lucerne lucile lucy and jnb gerking lucy gerking lucy potorff gerking lucy potorff gerking 1908 lucy pottorff gerking minna gerking's mother belle luellans luncheon for alice stephenson 1995 luuallens lyle lyle and margaret defrees m.h. rice and louise mabel moon mabel s. mabel snyder mable moon managerowner of pasco hotel coffee shop 19511955 march march 1 march 13 march 17 march 1964 march 1966 march 1971 march 2 march 6 march march margaret margaret 2002 margaret 867 margaret and andy 867 margaret and andy 8672 margaret and frisky margaret and lisa margaret and louise 2 and 3 years old 1936 margaret and lowell wedding margaret and lyle defrees margaret and lyle defrees family at margaret's funeral margaret bday margaret christmas margaret christmas 1964 margaret defrees margaret defrees 1958 margaret defrees october 1966 margaret elaine rice margaret elaine rice and louise margaret groth l and hilda high school tennis court 1914 margaret groth lorenzen margaret groth loreszen 1916 high school graduation margaret joy margaret joy 14 mos margaret joy 1967 margaret joy 867 margaret joy and lisa margaret joy may 1965 margaret joy may 1966 margaret l margaret lisa margaret saylor 1965 marilyn marilyn miller marion mark mark 7 mark 7 mos mark baptism mark stillings marketplace at church marmaduke and bettie dallas marriage of jb saylor to minna gerking marshall marshall 10 marshall and sunny marshall and sunny smith marshall smith marshall's 6th birthday martha and lauren 1930 martha swope martha swope 1943 martha swope and husband martha swope and louise martha swopes mary mary ann mary laura saylor arnold mary rice matson lines 55 monterey dance team 1965 matthew matthew 12 matthew 1977 matthew and mark stillings matthew at stillings matthew stillings mattie mattie and cecil mattie rice may may 1965 may 1976 may 1983 may 1992 may 20 may 21 may 30 may 4 me at mathers home at milton 191921 gma saylor melissa 4 mos melissa 7 mos melissa and sally anderson melissa jean anderson born august 15 melissa sally's baby men at lieuallen ranch men at lieuallen's ranch menu mikayla mikayla's 1st birthday mike mike didier mike homecoming 1984 mike wade mildred mildred and dessa roseville mildred and dessie mildred and mattie out on swope's ranch mildred and thor lewis mildred and ward 1st auto trip up highway mildred fishburn milton milton 1920 milton 1947 milton about 1920 mindi mindy mindy andy minerva gerking minkz minna minna and jb saylor 1894 minna and joseph belford saylor minna and nelma in yard of ferndale home minna and nelma saylor minna and nelma's flowers in yard of home place 1930's minna and uncle ted minna gerking saylor minna rice minna saylor minna saylor gpa saylor's mother eldon minna saylor holding nelma minna saylor ralph's mother minna saylor right 1939 minna's writings of nelma as a baby minnie gerking saylor in doorway. jnb built home 1888 minnie gerking saylor in doorway. jnb built home in 1888 minnie gerking's report card from november 24 minnie saylor minverva minna 1886 mission girls with visiting babies. joanne rice in front row missy mollie mom mom 1933 mom 1945 mom 1950 mom 1955 mom 1958 mom 1959 mom 1964 mom 1970 mom 1973 mom 1984 mom 1986 mom 1988 mom 1990 mom 1993 mom 1999 mom 4h summer school mom 4h summer school 1949 mom 4h summer school 1950 mom 4th of july 1991 mom 5th from left mom 61833 mom 8th grade mom acapulco april 1958 mom and bette christmas mom and bette easter 1978 mom and bob gallup mom and cow mom and dad mom and dad 1977 mom and dad 1979 mom and dad 1981 mom and dad 1984 mom and dad 1985 mom and dad 1988 mom and dad 1990 mom and dad 1994 mom and dad 2002 mom and dad 2005 mom and dad at donna's 1960 mom and dad at winter olympics salt lake city 2002 mom and dad christmas mom and dad christmas 1961 mom and dad christmas 1980 ranch mom and dad christmas 1982 mom and dad christmas 1988 mom and dad christmas 2004 mom and dad church banquet 1975 mom and dad church banquet 1983 mom and dad church banquet march 1975 mom and dad diablo diggers dance 2001 mom and dad easter 1979 mom and dad easter 1985 mom and dad in haiti mom and dad jogging outfit mom and dad july 1962 mom and dad just married 1961 mom and dad leaving on s.s. monterey mom and dad list of chores for lisa mom and dad march 1984 mom and dad may 1983 mom and dad november 1989 mom and dad tahoe april 1996 mom and dad thanksgiving mom and dad thanksgiving 1994 mom and dad wedding 1961 mom and dad wedding announcement 1961 mom and dad wedding announcement in paper 1961 mom and dad wedding december 1961 mom and dad wedding december 1961 invitation mom and dad's 25th anniversary 1986 mom and dad's 25th anniversary invitation mom and dad's wedding december mom and david mom and david 1984 mom and david christmas mom and david feb 1975 mom and duck mom and eldon mom and gma rice on her 90th august 1965 mom and gpa saylor mom and gpa saylor 1960 mom and june mom and laura mom and laura 1976 mom and laura 1977 mom and laura 1986 mom and laura march 1976 mom and laurie august 1962 mom and le jacobi mom and lisa mom and lisa 1964 mom and lisa 1966 mom and lisa 1967 mom and lisa 1975 mom and lisa aug 1967 mom and lisa christmas 1963 mom and lisa christmas at harper's 1964 mom and lisa december 1963 mom and lisa july 7 mom and lisa october 27 1963 mom and lowell mom and margaret defrees mom and nancy mom aoii mom at 9 mos mom at gma and gpa saylor's 60th anniversary mom at home place mom at makapuu point mom at marin headlands 1996 mom august 1962 mom bahamas 1958 mom bday 1993 mom bday at fridays mom bridesmaid 1955 mom carribbean cruise 2008 mom cherry blossom festival mom christmas mom christmas 1967 mom christmas 1978 mom christmas 1982 mom christmas 1988 mom christmas at ranch 1980 mom college mom concert choir at osu mom december 1963 mom dodge ridge feb 1958 mom easter 1978 mom easter 1989 mom europe 1957 mom falks cabin february 1983 mom haiti mom haiti 1962 mom hawaii mom hawaii 1955 mom hawaii what's sarong mom house of coral hawaii mom in haiti mom in suits that lisa bought mom in treva's wedding dress mom jan 1959 mom japan 1959 mom july 1962 mom july 2 1963 mom leaving for hawaii mom march 1958 mom may 1959 mom mexico 1958 mom mexico city 1958 mom new year's eve 1964 mom new zealand 1958 mom oct 1959 china mom oct 1983 mom on horse mom on mom's 31st mom on steven's bday mom orchids hawaii mom osu graduation 1955 mom paycheck 1951 mom ready for olympics in slc 2002 mom risque mom rome 1957 mom skiing 1958 mom sorority mom sorrority mom stewardess mom summer 1962 mom summer 1988 mom tonga room mom united 1958 mom waikiki 1958 mom wedding dress 1961 mom with chuckecheese mom with daycare kids 1991 mom yosemite 1955 mom's 31st bday march 1964 mom's 33rd bday march 1966 mom's bday mom's bday 1978 mom's bday 1983 mom's bday 1985 mom's bday 1985 treasure is found mom's birthday treasure hunt 1985 mom's bridal shower 1961 morris christmas 1986 morris thanksgiving 1988 mother mother and aunt betty gma christian mother and flower garden diana dallas christian mother rice mother rice house at milton mother's day mother's day 1964 mother's home at milton mr. church and gayle at rice's 50th anniversary 21377 mr. w.a. wallace mrs. gessell's 5th grade class mrs. w.a. wallace mt. rose mule team at adams hauling grain munich murray murray and anna rice murray rice murry and anna 1947 mvhs track coach my pal nancy nancy galvin 1988 nancy gerking mother of jnb gerking nancy halloween 1979 nancy myers gerking mother of jnb at dave taylor house back room with fireplace man in picture is jonathan rice nancy myers gerking mother of jnb gerking at dave taylor house back room with fireplace man in picture is jonathan rice gerking neil best nelma nelma 1958 nelma 1963 nelma 1987 nelma about 10 years old nelma and ardis in front of ferndale home nelma and eldon feb 1977 nelma and friskie 1960 nelma and laura april 1976 nelma and lisa nelma at about 3 months nelma at lowell's nelma august 1984 nelma in front yard of ferndale place with minna's geese nelma in rose garden at ferndale place nelma laura saylor and grace dotson nelma on step nelma saylor nelma saylor 1908 nelma saylor taken at milton about 1910 nelma with favorite doll nelma with ginger and calico nelma with louise nelma's bday nettie nettie fishburn nettie royce davis neva neva rice new plymouth new year's new year's 1996 antioch yacht club new year's 1999 new year's eve new years new york note from nelma about ralph and politics nov 1963 november november 1948 november 2 november 25 november 30 nye oberammergau obituary for jb saylor's brother october october 15 october 18 october 1966 october 1974 october 1975 october 20 october 20 1985 october 21 october 27 october 28 october 3 october 30 oh boy look at all those packages okinawa old jeff ferndale olive richardson wallace on margaret joy's 16th bday one month old one week old opal whitely at milton freewater 1914 opening of head gate of tumalo irrigation project oregon oregon 1984 oregon august 1978 oregon beach oregon coast oregon state osu graduation osu graduation with jean osu graduation with roseanne ot ot cottage ot july otis otis gerking our first home on butter creek pacific grove page 1 of 4 page 2 of 4 page 3 of 4 page 4 of 4 pam pam saylor pancake breakfast parade marshall parents of diana dallas christian park ranger party july 1962 pat pat kendall with bill and steven saylor peanut's gang on gallup's boat pendleton pendleton centennial pennsylvania perry clayburn and diana dallas christian anna chrisian rice's mother and father perry clayburn christian persephone phoenix picnic at harper's picnic at la grande park picture from july 7 pinning ceremony plowing with 36 plow goodyear farm dec 1958 pool at donna's probably taken about 1890 when he first came to athena quarreling with charles over the football l to r jb saylor r. albion major c.e. jan 1944 rachel ralph ralph and aunt fay april 1969 ralph and craig ralph and edgar attended the lewis and clark exposition world's fair in portland in 1905 ralph and edgar in front ralph and eldon farmers ralph and eldon feeding orphan lamb 1925 ralph and eldon saylor feeding an orphan 1925 our 1st home ralph and family cat ralph and hilda ralph and hilda 25th anniversary 1945 ralph and hilda at cannon beach ralph and hilda's 50th anniversary dinner lr larry coppock and son ralph and hilda's 50th wedding anniversary front row lr lowell holding joe ralph and louise ralph and nelma at brunch at frasu's august 1981 ralph and nelma at brunch frasu's august 1981 ralph and overland car 1919 ralph and rex leavens at oregon beach ralph at stanfield 1918 ralph before men left for wwi ralph gerking saylor ralph gerking saylor 1918 fort columbia ralph gerking saylor 1919 ralph in salem state hospital 1918 or 19 ralph in tree and edgar by the elder tree in yard of house place. probably taken in 1903 or 1904 by mother on her camera with glass plates. orchard in distance and locust tree at left that remained in center of yard until i was about the age of my brothers in this picture. aunt nelma ralph in tree and edgar by the elder yard of house place. probably taken 1903 or 1904 mother on her camera with glass plates. orchard distance locust at left that remained center until i was about age my brothers this picture. aunt nelma ralph s ralph saylor ralph saylor 1915 ralph saylor 1916 ralph saylor 1918 ralph saylor 1925 ralph saylor about 3.5 ralph saylor and donna 1926 ralph saylor at stanfield 1918 ralph saylor during world war i ralph saylor in salem ralph saylor on guard duty 1918 ralph saylor on the shore near the dock at fort columbia ralph taken on steps of ferndale house ralph young and gay ramona ramona rd ramona rd 1977 ranch ranch 1958 ranch 1964 ranch 1965 break in levee at lane to upper place ranch 1969 ranch 1983 ranch august 1977 ranch august 1984 ranch case seperator 1930 ranch dior on floor ranch gma saylor ranch house ranch sept 1958 ranch september 1988 ranch summer 1988 ray ray christian ray gerking ray gerking and ralph saylor in yard ray harper rea rea 76 rea and treva rea and ward rice rea rice red deisel truck 2979 reese rice related to fort columbia postcard rex seavens and i on porch of officers quarters rex seavens and i on porch of officers quarters fort columbia 1918 gpa saylor rice golden anniversary rice home in milton freewater where gma and gpa saylor were married on october 20 rice's 50th anniversary 21377 right shoulder arms on guard duty fort columbia 1918 gpa saylor road trip steven 1984 robert coppock robert coppock 11 months robert weinle 1991 ron roseville rotary convention in san francisco royal hawaiian dinner dance rudesheim ruth brown ruth rose s. president roosevelt s. s. monterey s. s. president roosevelt s.s. monterey salem capitol press sally sally b sally bratlien sally bratlien 1975 salt lake city salt lake city house salt lake city olympics salzburg sam d's girls and son samantha san carlos san leandro sandi sandi 1963 sandi 2002 sandi and lisa 1966 sandi and lisa 863 sandi and vicky sandi august 1963 sandi note on back next to grandma sandi or vicky sandra sandra 1966 sandra ann harper 11 mos. danville back yard sandra ann harper 20 mos april 1951 sandy santa say ahh say cheese saylor cattle february 1963 saylor family at ferndale saylor family at ferndale 1915 or 1916 gpa saylor family at ferndale 1915 or 1916 gpa saylor saylor family home at ferndale saylor house on butter creek saylors scott scottsdale scouting outing to del valle reservoir second grade sepbember sept 1983 dad sept 1983 lisa sept 1983 margaret sept 1983 steven september september 15 september 17 september 1969 september 1979 september 21 september 23 september 26 september 6 september 9 severe storm sf july 6 sharon sharon and cathy sharon d shasta silver anniversary silver wedding anniversary at alice's sinclairs sinclairs 1994 sinclairs at hoboween dance 1994 small house at home place where rh lived snoopy on gallup's boat snow in danville 1975 soon after he moved to tumalo laidlaw then south porch of ferndale house spokane spring spring 1974 spring 1995 standley park stanfield women's club staven stephen sinclair steve steve and bill's children steve and frisky steve fall 1970 steve saylor steve sinclair steven steven 1968 steven 1969 steven 1970 steven 1973 steven 1974 steven 1975 steven 1977 steven 1978 steven 1983 steven 1984 steven 1985 steven 1987 steven 1988 steven 1993 steven 4th of july 1975 steven and audry homecoming 1984 steven and bill saylor at pendleton airport steven and dad steven and dad christmas steven and david steven and david 1977 steven and david 1978 steven and david 1987 steven and david aug 1977 steven and david christmas steven and david duck hunting at ranch steven and david easter 1978 steven and gma saylor december 1969 steven and gpa saylor december 1969 steven and jennifer cooksey steven and jessica steven and joe steven and joe december 1970 steven and kim 1987 steven and kristin fall 1977 steven and laura 1977 steven and laura 1978 steven and lisa steven and lisa 1968 steven and lisa august 1969 steven and lisa christmas steven and lisa christmas 1969 steven and lisa christmas 1972 steven and lisa june 1975 at bette's house in hayward on father's day steven and mom on gallup's boat steven and teresa steven and teresa 1991 graduation steven and teresa wedding steven and teresa wedding 1994 steven and teresa wedding cake steven and teresa's wedding 1994 steven april 1969 steven april 1983 steven as the student spring 1986 steven at crater lake steven at the del coronado 1989 steven august 1969 steven august 1970 steven august 1971 steven august 1977 steven august 1984 steven baked and decorated cake steven bday steven bday 1983 steven christmas steven christmas 1968 steven christmas 1970 steven christmas 1972 steven christmas 1974 steven christmas 1978 steven christmas 1979 steven christmas 1980 ranch steven christmas 1983 steven christmas 1984 steven christmas at ranch 1969 steven christmas at the cottage steven church banquet steven collier state park 1984 steven delta july 1978 steven easter steven easter 1978 steven easter 1983 steven fall 1969 steven fall 1970 steven garbage man ranch steven in anything goes march 1983 steven january 1971 steven joe 1971 steven kidnapped for breakfast on his 16th bday 1984 steven lafayette parade july 1975 steven march 1969 steven oct 1983 steven on gallup's boat steven on mom's birthday 1973 steven polish army officer steven s. april steven saylor steven september 1968 at saylor's steven september 1968 at saylor's ranch steven sinclair steven summer 1970 steven summer 1975 steven taming of the shrew april 1986 steven thanksgiving 1981 falks cabin steven thanksgiving 1981 lake tahoe steven thanksgiving 1988 steven thanksgiving 1994 steven the hippie spring 1986 steven the nerd spring 1985 steven wedding steven winter at ranch 197879 steven's 1st birthday steven's bday steven's bday 1975 steven's bday 1979 steven's bday 1985 steven's bday april 1969 steven's bedroom steven's room 1984 steven's sweet 16 april 1984 steven's wedding sting ray city strawberry corner studebaker studying a bug summer summer 1916 near oregon coast rg summer 1956 summer 1962 summer 1969 summer 1970 summer at donna's 1964 summer trip 1984 dad sumpter sumpter valley sunny sunny 1975 sunny 7 sunny august 1980 sunny dawn smith sunny june surprise buny lisa susan gerking suzhou sweet 16 switzerland swopes swopes 1945 swopes and mildred fishburn swopes silver wedding anniversary tacoma tahoe taken about 1898. jnb on porch in rocking chair taken around 1866 taken at uncle george's on day of jnb gerking's funeral 1928 taken the night of her senior ball tammy tammy 1988 tammy and laura tammy and laura 1991 taylor 5 mos taylor carson barbara's son tbirds 1989 tc tc 2002 tc at mikayla's 1st birthday ted ted and fay becker wedding anniversary ted lassator teresa teresa 1999 teresa christmas 1994 teresa wedding terri gallup thailand thanksgiving thanksgiving 1937 at beckers house thanksgiving 1982 thanksgiving 1982 lisa thanksgiving 1984 thanksgiving 1984 steven thanksgiving 1988 thanksgiving 1991 thanksgiving at homewood in tahoe thanksgiving ray was between marriages and was living with gma gerking thanksgiving. taken at the house fay and ted built after they returned to tumalo in mid 1930's. it was located on gerking road about two miles south of grandfather gerking's place. raised potatoes strawberry plants 40 acres thanksgiving. taken at the house fay and ted built after they returned to tumalo in the mid 1930's. it was located on gerking road about two miles south of grandfather gerking's place. ted raised potatoes and strawberry plants on the 40 acres that gpa saylor attended in the 1870's the bean the bunny club key and cessie christmas at ranch 1965 the cousins at gma gpa saylor's 60th anniversary 1980 the hermiston herald the oregonian the parlor the pioneer the swopes the swopes 1938 thelda and ray third grade this picture was taken at grandfather gerking's home at tumalo when the saylor and wallace families were on an automobile trip in 1915 and stayed there overnight. lr edgar thursday til taylor till taylor was minna saylor's first cousin and a great favorite of hers according to aunt nelma timberline lodge tip. tire blow out on return from thailand tire blow out on return trip from thailand tofino tom and holly tom hawn tonga track coach train to suzhou treva treva and dale barker 30th anniversary treva and joanne rice treva b treva barker treva rice treva summer 1988 tricity herald trivalley news trixy tuesday tumalo tumalo irrigation canal turkey turkeys at home place tuscarora academy near port royal two weeks old umatilla county historical society umatilla ferry across columbia uncle carl christian uncle cecil christian and son uncle charles uncle d with ardis uncle dallas uncle eldon uncle george uncle lester taylor about 7 years old uncle lowell steve uncle ray uncle ted becker uncle victor taylor about 5 years old uncle ward uncle ward 1970 uncle ward swope uncle ward swope and ward rice at aunt alice's in adams uncle will harrison uncle will harrison and bruce bailey united upper place valley herald vancouver vancouver bc velma gerking venice vicki vicki meade june 1974 vicky vicky 1957 vicky 863 vicky and gary vicky and lisa 1964 vicky at harper's vicky at ranch vicky christmas 1955 vicky graduation 1969 victoria vienna view of salute guns view of the meadow on jnb gerking's farm print made from minna's camera that used glass negatives vince vira brooks virginia vista grande wagon ruts of emigrant trail are disappearing waikiki wallace's wallowa lake ward ward 1906 ward and loren rice ward and rea at dm smith's anniversary ward and rea rice ward and rea rice at saylors october ward and rea rice's 50th anniversary ward and rea rice's 50th anniversary 21377 in eugene ward and rea rice's 50th anniversary 21377 lr david barker ward and treva rice ward rea with flowers from eugene ward rice ward rice 50 years of ministry ward rice at loren's house in carmel ward rice at richardson's up river at milton freewater ward rice at richardson'sup river at m.f. ward rice at ward and rea's 50th anniversary 21377 ward rice retirement ward rice's 50 years in ministry reception ward swope at christians in milton freewater ward's 70th bday ward's 76th birthday washington washington dc watsons wedding wendy which jb saylor served as president for many years which jb saylor served as president when it was organized and for several years later white swan chief seelatree who died soon after jb. his brother charles also died about that time who's nervous william william and dessie deshay william deshay with louise wuxi xi'an yankee doodle dandy 1984 yard of little house at home place about 1926 yicm yosemite yosemite chapel 2002 you're my favorite relative. love ya